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Health is, or should be, the most natural state of being.  The origins of the word are linked with those of wholeness and healing,  and it is that complete sense of harmony, of being whole, that brings true health.  This is the ultimate aim of natural healing, and those that adopt a holistic view.

In the last 10 years or so, there has been a great revival of interest in natural therapies, both as recognition of their tremendous value, but also as a move away from some of the side-effects and impersonal approaches of today's orthodox medicine.

One of the main principles of natural medicine is the holistic approach, taking into account the physical, mental, emotional and indeed spiritual well-being of the person when assessing health; this is most obviously apparent when looking at nervous disorders.  Physical symptoms, such as headaches or insomnia, and emotional ones, such as depression, mental strains and stresses, can all weave together to create disease, or simply dis-ease - lack of harmony.
When trying to treat these problems, therefore, it is essential to look at all the reasons for the disorder.  One of the first things to do is apply some common sense:  is your headache due to an excess of alcohol last night, does your anxiety stem from tomorrow's interview, or your insomnia follow three cups of coffee in the evening?  Finding the cause may not solve your immediate problem, but may help you to take preventive steps.  In many cases of course, the causes are not so obvious and for persistent or recurring problems professional help should be sought.
Problems of the muscular-skeletal system are for most of us simply a fact of life, ranging from simple aches and pains after unaccustomed exercise or effort, to the inevitable wear and tear on our bodies as we get older.  However, the impact on our health, vitality and mobility can be enormous, causing great problems.  Back pain, and the crippling discomfort of chronic arthritis reduces the quality of life of sufferers by an immeasurable amount.  While it is true that wear and tear are a part of living, their effects can be lessened and much greater levels of comfort and mobility are possible.

It is probably fair to say that the greatest threat to our health today, at least in the developed countries, is having more stress than we are able to handle.  The increasing pace of lifestyles, the complexity of many professions, not to mention changes and added strains in relationships due to greater mobility and thus distance from others, has placed considerable burdens on our body's stress-management systems.

These problems have been recognised for a long time.  But also recognised, is that for most people natural therapies offer considerable help with stress-related problems.